Students and Graduates - Job Seeking

Please visit link on How to find work   

Recruitment Web-sites and Resources

You can visit Current Vacancies advertised on the IT Tralee web-site and at

There are many resources available to assist you in looking for a job. Take a look at the careers office hand out on . Also visit on-line resources such as choosing an employer , job descriptions , what jobs would suit me and labour market information .‎ Additional resources are at Jobs web-sites and links

Working Freelance -The Gobalisation of work

Mary Carty speaks about promoting your services/products and working as a freelancer in her podcast on 'Bridging Business Strategy and the Arts'. This is relevant to all sectors:

The idea that motivated individuals can work from any where and compete for free-lance work is growing. There are many resources on the topic and websites which promote this concept:  (formly odesk & elance) and

Labour Market Information

Resources are available to research trends in recruitment. Visit and 

Next Steps...

• Take a look at the sector you wish to work in.
• Identify key roles of interest and individuals in these roles. Approach individuals for an information interview.
• Begin to develop skills needed in the roles/sector you hope to work in
• Volunteer - get involved in community/industry projects to develop skills
• Secure a mentor for advice and to identify skills gaps you may have
• Begin to fill your CV with key skills you have developed

Finally check for graduate positions

Also visit section on Online resources