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Bachelor of Science in Computing with Software Development

What is Computing with Software Development

This course is designed to develop your general computing skill and competence so that you can use computers to perform a variety of useful tasks. Its primary focus is on developing your ability to use computer languages that you will find prepare you to operate and work with computers and computer systems in a wide variety of ways:

  • Speaking the coded language of the computer and writing software - Introduction to Programming, Object Oriented Programming 1, 2, 3, & 4 Algorithms, Structured Analysis and Design, Object Oriented Analysis and Design
  • Understanding the computer as a system- Computer Architecture, Operating Systems
  • How computers can be connected and made work together - Network Fundamentals, Routing Concepts and Protocols, Local Area Networks (LAN) Switching and Wireless,Wide Area Networks (WAN) Services and Security
  • Using computer to work with and manage data - Database Concepts, Introduction to Database Programming
  • Providing users with a way to interact with computers - Visual Communications, Web Design, Digital Imaging, Web Design for Multiple Platforms, Human Computer Interaction

As a student specialising in the area of Software Development you will take additional course content as follows:
The mathematics and logic that computers use - Discrete Mathematics, Algorithms;


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Why study Computing with Software Development at IT, Tralee

The department has long experience of computing and particularly in the important area of software development. We recognise the wide application of software development skills as the demand for good software developers continues. Information Technology Enterprises in the region and in Ireland have regarded graduates of this long established programme as being of a high calibre and they hit the ground running when recruited for employment. The course provides a comprehensive range of integrated content that helps the student build skills over the three years that provide a solid foundation for further study and a career in programming and software sector of the ICT industry.

The first year of the course is common with the Multimedia, Interactive Web Development and Games Development specialisms so that you can transfer to one of these areas up to the end of the first year should you discover that your interest lies in one of these.

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What are my career opportunities

Computing and ICT continue to be sectors of the Irish and world economies that display strong growth despite the downturn that has affected most other sectors. Technology enterprises are looking for graduates with a combination of skills. The areas most in demand are the core computing areas of programming and software skills as graduates with these tend to be most versatile and adaptable.

This three year BSc course will introduce you to a range of computing technologies and applications. You will be equipped with the skills and know-how to work in situations under supervision. You will be in a position to work in a technical support function as you gain experience.

You should also be well positioned to progress to an Honours award in the field of computing. Most graduates of the BSc progress to the Institute’s BSc (Hons) in Computing with Software Development Programme. Depending on their particular skill sets, ordinary degree graduates may find work in a support capacity initially and through work experience progress to more senior roles such as:

  • Programmer/software developer in technology enterprises and areas where ICT is heavily used such as finance services, education and health care
  • Developer of digital media and audio/video content
  • Network technician and administrator
  • Database administrator
  • Web developer and web manager


BSc (Hons) in Computing in Software Development (+1 Year)