A Celebration of Irish Food, Music and Dance

Food On Thursday night, January 24th 2008, the Institute of Technology students will host a Celebration of Irish Food, Music and Dance.  The event is one of a number of initiatives organised by Chef Kevin McCann to help fund a gastronomic tour of Northern Italy for Culinary and Hospitality students.

Chef McCann highlights the importance of this event, which allows students to demonstrate their culinary and hospitality skills by showcasing the best of Irish Food, Music and Dance.

The students offer a five course gourmet Irish Banquet, which includes such delicacies as Irish smoked salmon and potato cakes, Cream of cabbage soup, Fillet Steak with Whiskey Sauce, Colcannon, Irish Vegetables, 'Yellow Man' icecream, Bread & butter pudding, Irish coffee and Irish cheeses.

The evening will be enhanced by Folk Theatre students performances in Irish music and dance.

All proceeds will be used to fund the students' gastronmic tour of Northern Italy in April.  The tour allows students to experience local and regional foods and wines of Northern Italy by visiting local food markets and local producers as well as visiting the Culinary College in Asti.  This tour will enhance students' gastronomic experience and widen their horizons.

Tickets for the event are sold to the public and can be booked by contacting Norma O'Brien at 066-7191665.

For More Information:

Brita Lyons, IT, Tralee : PH: 0 66 719 1705 

Brita Lyons
Marketing Officer
Institute of Technology, Tralee