International Council for Traditional Music (ICTM), Ireland

Annual Symposium

in association with the Institute of Technology, Tralee

INSTITUTE of Technology Tralee is hosting ICTM, Irelandâ¿¿s third annual symposium on 29 February 2008.  The ICTM was founded in 2006 to support the academic study of ethnomusicology and related disciplines, such as anthropology and folklore, in Ireland International Council for Traditional Music (ICTM), Ireland

The Institute, which has a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Folk Theatre Studies, understands the importance of societies such as ICTM, Ireland and is delighted to provide a forum for the sharing of field research and supporting young scholars.

The symposium will pay tribute to â¿¿Irelandâ¿¿s greatest folksong and folklore collectorâ¿¿, Tom Munnelly, for his contribution and achievement in the field of Irish traditional music.  The theme of the conference centres on â¿¿Fieldworkâ¿¿ and the keynote address 'A Dub in Clare - Tom Munnelly, Folklore Collector' will be given by Rionach Ui Ogain, UCD.

Pat McGarty, Head of Department Humanities and Social Studies, IT, Tralee, says:  â¿¿We recognise the importance of maintaining and supporting the traditions.  The symposium promises to provide a rich discussion on a variety of subjects such as â¿¿Irish Traditional Music on Early Irish Radioâ¿¿ and â¿¿Theory and Methods at a Cape Breton Square Danceâ¿¿.  We are particularly looking forward to the performance by Siamsa Tire, from The National Folk Theatre of Ireland.⿝

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Brita Lyons
Marketing Officer
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