Institute of Technology, Tralee Sparks Debate:

The Chasm Between Data & Information Identification

Academics, Public Agencies and Industry Join Forces

in Quest of an Innovative Vision

There is buzz at the Institute of Technology, Tralee (ITT) that may crescendo on April 22 2008 when a select Is Connecting Bits to Atoms Sufficient? group of thinkers and leaders gather for a symposium titled â¿¿Is Connecting Bits to Atoms Sufficient?â¿¿ It will highlight how identification of data may be less valuable if held in systems that may be incompatible to share data or uncover its value as useful information. Solutions to this problem will be suggested. This thought leadership symposium is co-organized by the Center for Innovation in Distributed Systems, ITT ( in collaboration with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Forum for Supply Chain Innovation, School of Engineering, MIT.

Speakers will address the implications of identifying data and data dumps - where inaccessible and sometimes conflicting data may be stored in diverse systems. The use of this data to generate information about people and objects may lead to errors.

Co-organiser, Dr Shoumen Datta of the MIT Forum, says, ⿿disconnected information increases risk and threat. For example, a convicted drunk driver obtains a driving licence in another jurisdiction or a patient is treated with penicillin in an emergency but the patient⿿s file indicates that the patient is allergic to antibiotics. Hence, inability of systems to interact with each other may result in decisions that may be harmful.⿝

The symposium on 22 April at ITT shall debate and explore potential opportunities and solutions to create interoperability between systems and also uniquely identify information to enable better decision making in a broad spectrum of sectors such as healthcare and security.

Co-organiser, Dr Pat Doody, Executive Director of the Centre for Innovation in Distributed Systems (CIDS) at ITT says, ⿿There are major business opportunities through innovation and development of intelligent systems that can access real-time data, extract information, analyse the input and provide the outcome as a service to enterprises that value time critical information and decisions.⿝

The symposium has attracted a diverse range of high profile speakers including Professor Jane Grimson, Head of Health Information for HIQA; Professor Anita Maguire, Head of the School of Pharmacy at UCC; Mr Robbert Kuppens, CIO of CISCO (Europe); Mr Ian Kennedy, also of CISCO (Europe) who heads the systems engineering group; Mr Henri Barthel, a consummate champion of RFID usage for automatic identification of objects and Director of GS1-EPCglobal and Dr Joseph Salvo, Director of Pervasive Decision Systems Laboratory at GE Global Research Headquarters, New York, who helped create the GE VeriWise System, now used globally by US Postal Services and Wal-Mart. Made in Ireland is also prominently featured by ALTOBRIDGE, a global connectivity company on the campus of ITT in the Kerry Technology Park. ALTOBRIDGE will be represented by its Irish co-founder, CEO and entrepreneur, Mike Fitzgerald.

The symposium has limited seats available and takes place on April 22 in the Solas Auditorium at the Institute of Technology, Tralee. If you wish to register, please see EVENTS at 

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