Institute of Technology, Tralee Sets Shining Example In Energy Saving

Institute of Technology, Tralee Sets Shining Example In Energy Saving When Institute of Technology, Tralee teamed with ESB Customer Supply to tackle energy wastage the project resulted in some phenomenal savings and rapid returns thanks to the simple and easy-to implement measures.     In the period July 2007 to June 2008 332,000Kwh of electricity was saved - enough to power:

  • All street lights in Tralee urban town area for 70 nights, or
  • 65 average homes for 12 months, or
  • One house for 65 years, or
  • Or a single set of average Christmas tree lights in 52,000 homes for the 12 days of Christmas

With support and advice from ESB Customer Supply, including access to its energy saving tool EnergyExtra, the Institute identified areas where unnecessary amounts of power, were being used. Energy zapping culprits such as convector heaters powered on 24/7 and energy switched on during Sundays, when the campus was dormant were identified and immediate measures were taken including:

  • Time switches on 18 under sink water heaters in the Business and Information Technology building saved €6,000 as well an preserved the lifetime of the heaters
  • Motion detectors fitted in all North Campus toilets so lights were switched off when the facilities are not in use saving €6,400 per year
  • Time switches fitted on heaters in the Q-Block saved €1,800 per year
  • Master switches in the three Hotel, Catering and Tourism kitchens ensuring appliances are only in use during training

IT, Tralee, Estate Manager, Donal Hunt, says: â¿¿We are delighted at the results this has achieved â¿¿ in addition to the rapid return on this energy efficient investment we are generating awareness for the environment among staff and students.     Hopefully they will implement these changes in their home environment too.

IT, Tralee hopes to enter and win Sustainable Energy/Awards in the future having competed this energy-saving exercise. The Institute is also adding to its 20 solar panels used for sports facility hot water system, with another 24 being installed on the library building this year.