Andrew Fire Nobel Prize Winner THE Institute of Technology, Tralee (IT, Tralee) today played host to Professor Andrew Fire, 2006 Nobel Prize winner for Medicine. Fire was the keynote speaker at a special scientific colloquium titled, ⿿ A Sense of Silence in Medicine? Convergence of Disruptive Innovation in Medicine and Healthcare⿿. His talk was titled, ⿿ Where will biology & medicine be in 30 years and who will move it there?⿝

Professor Andrew Fire is a world-renowned biologist and Professor of pathology and genetics at Stanford University School of Medicine.  Andrew Fire was honoured with a Nobel Prize in 2006, along with Craig C. Mello for discovering how to silence malfunctioning genes, a breakthrough which could lead to an era of new therapies to reverse crippling disease. The discovery of RNAi has already had an immense impact on biomedical research and will most likely lead to novel medical applications in the future.

Noble Prize Winner Andrew Fire Speaks at IT Tralee Michael Carmody, IT, Tralee President, commented: â¿¿It is an honour to have a keynote speaker as distinguished as Professor Fire on campus.  I hope his presence works as a reminder of the potential that comes with the study of science and the endless possibilities which it brings.  It is important for the public to be aware of the infinite positive benefits of scientific research.  My hopes are that this understanding will end with an increase of government support in the area. 

With the input of our four remarkable speakers, the symposium was a huge success.  I want to thank everyone involved, especially our notable guests.⿝

Other speakers at the symposium included:

  • Dr Sokwoo Rhee - Named as one of 100 Top Young Innovators of 2004 by MITâ¿¿s Technology Review 
  • Dr Marcela Ferella  - Dept of Cell and Molecular Biology, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm
  • Dr Shoumen Datta â¿¿ School of Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)