IT, Tralee hosts Computing Summer Camps for all ages

IT, Tralee hosts Computing Summer Camps for all ages Both young and old are getting the opportunity to advance their computer skills at the Institute of Technology, Tralee this summer.   The Instituteâ¿¿s Multimedia and Lego Robotics Summer Camps are taking place alongside Age Action Ireland over 55â¿¿s Getting Started programme. 

Primary and secondary school students attending the IT, Traleeâ¿¿s Multimedia and Lego Robotic Summer Camps are learning computing the fun way this summer.  The camps have been running throughout the summer and have proved that young school students can still learn science while enjoying it. 

The camps are co-ordinated by the Computing and Mathematics Department and offer an innovative and fun way of learning, which gives young students an opportunity to see what studying computing at third level is like at first hand.  Students get to learn in a fun and fully supervised environment.

The Multimedia Summer Camps aim to provide students with knowledge of Animation, Graphic Design and Web Design.  Students produce and complete a website as part of the camp. Participants range in age from 13 to 18 years old.

The Lego Robotic Summer Camps provide students with the skills needed to build robots and to programme them to complete tasks (animation and some fun activities are also included as part of the camp).  Participants range in age from 7 to 16 years old.

Age Action Ireland have been running basic computer classes for the over 55â¿¿s over the past 4 weeks in the Institute through their national Getting Started programme. Age Action Ireland were delighted to have the use of state of the art computer labs in the Institute. 

Tutors on the programme include student volunteers from the Institute.  Kerry Volunteer Centre also assisted with sourcing volunteers to deliver the programme.   Peggy O Shea a volunteer tutor said â¿¿Teaching Computers at Age Action Ireland classes at IT, Tralee is very rewarding for me.  The students are eager to learn and very appreciative.  They are also full of fun and good humour.  The structure of the class is very suitable as there is at least one tutor for every two students. The advice from our Action Age Ireland Project Officer Kathleen Mc Auliffe to allow students to convey their needs to the instructors is proving to be very effective. No two students have the same needs or interests, so there is a vast array of activities taking place in the classroom at the same time. Most of the students are interested in setting up email addresses, sending and receiving emails and surfing the Internet. Having access to the computer facilities at IT, Tralee with an abundant supply of computers, broadband Internet access, printing facilities and of course the lovely café makes for an excellent teaching and learning environment.⿝