European Culinary Tourism Conference

European Culinary Tourism Conference The Institute of Technology Tralee recently attended the inaugural European Culinary Tourism Conference, held in Vienna, Austria this month. Amongst the international array of experts in the area of culinary tourism keynote speakers included Prof. C. Michael Hall of the University of Cantebury, New Zealand and Erik Wolf, CEO of the International Culinary Tourism Association, USA.

Maurice O'Brien, Lecturer in Hotel, Culinary & Tourism Department, presented a paper on menu language and the benefits of presenting menus in the language of the main non-English speaking overseas visitor. The paper's emphasis was on simple, successful and cost effective solutions to further entice overseas visitors into culinary establishments and enjoy the delights of Irish cuisine through advertising the menu offering in the primary language of the tourist.

Other Irish delegates included TJ O'Connor (Head of Section, Hotel, Culinary & Tourism, ITT) and Mark Murphy (Global Food Village & Kerry Food Network, Dingle). The delegates all believe that Ireland's representation at international culinary tourism conferences, or symposiums, is vital to the future well-being of the overall Irish tourism offering, allowing for networking and research into what is happening internationally and what Ireland can utilise to its benefit.  This is particularly true of culinary tourism which is growing internationally year-on-year as evident from Failte Ireland's National Food Tourism strategy. Full papers will be collated and published within the next few months and further research into the area of culinary tourism will continue at the Institute of Technology Tralee.