Steps-2-Success at IT, Tralee in "Pre-boom era"

Steps to Success 2011

Speaking at the opening of the new “Steps-2-Success” programme in the Institute of Technology, Tralee on Wednesday 14 th September, Pat Falvey, Adventurer, Speaker and Entrepreneur explained that we are in a ‘ pre-boom ’ period as opposed to a recession. In a highly charged motivational speech, Pat identified the emotional and financial set-backs he faced in his life and the overwhelming power of positive thinking and self-belief. The talk was delivered to forty final year creative media students preparing them for the job seeking challenges ahead.

The motivational session forms part of the “Steps-2-Success” programme which aims to assist final year students in the transition from third level education to the work place. The initiative identifies ten steps participants should follow in their search for employment which included:

Step 1: Get motivated!

Step 2: Identify your skills and what you have to offer

Step 3: Develop your profile and learn how to market it

Step 4: Identify the hidden jobs market

Step 5: Become familiar with technologies in the workplace

Step 6: Develop teambuilding skills

Step 7: Actively network with employers

Step 8: Physically prepare yourself for the work place

Step 9: Group interviews

Step 10: Pitch to employers. 

The principles identified in the “Steps-2-Success’ programme will be delivered via seminars by motivational external speakers such as Sinead English, Careers Consultant; Paul O’ Leary, Entrepreneur and Irish Associate PI Europe and local company ‘Perform’ as well as input from a team of experts at the Institute. The programme also introduces participants to mentors from industry, providing guidance on job seeking skills.

Steps to Success 2011 2

Pat Falvey expressed his avid support for the “Steps-2-Success’ programme and believes mentoring students is a key selling point of the initiative. Pat himself has relied on mentors throughout his life for guidance and advocates this support. He also spoke of the challenges in life, how ‘everyone has their Everest to Climb’. He was keen to encourage students to embrace the ‘Steps-2-Success’ initiative developing key skills required when facing the real world after third level education.

The programme is unique within the careers education sphere. Martha Farrell, marketing lecturer, explained that “The current employment market is very challenging for emerging graduates. Through the “Steps-2-Success” Programme we endeavour to further enhance the skillset of the graduate in terms of further developing his/her ability to confidently enter the employment market in their search for a successful career.” The programme was piloted in the last academic year and won the 2011 AHECS* Employability Award. The Careers Officer Louise Nagle surveyed last years’ participants who have all secured employment or are in further education. She explained that ‘past participants directly attribute their career success to the “Steps-2-Success” Programme. They also increased their confidence, developed practical skills to approach job-seeking as well as increased their motivation during the programme delivery’ .