Hotel, Culinary and Tourism Lecturers take part in International Development Programmes

International Development Programmes  Maurice O'Brien, Lecturer in Culinary Arts with the HCT Dept. and in conjunction with Failte Ireland, attended a Technical Skills Development programme for Culinary Arts Lecturers at Ecole Gregoire Ferrandi (Paris) in June of this year.

The programme ran over 3 weeks and included practical sessions with some of France's Master Chefs such as William Ledeuil, Fabrice Desbignes and Gerard Besson.

The programme also included a staigate at Guy Martin's Le Grand Vefour Restaurant (2 Michelin Stars) at the Palais Royal. Visits to Rungis Market, Montepernasse Avenue and Frederic Anton's Le Pre Catelan Restaurant (3 Michelin Stars) were some of the other highlights.

Technical Skills Development programme  Other HCT Dept. lecturers who attended similar programmes include Mark McLarnon at Ecole Gregoire Ferrandi  (Paris), Ronan Doyle at Ecole Gregoire Ferrandi  (Paris) and Mark Murphy at Johnson and Wales University (USA). 

Constant Up-dating and Modernising of skills for Hospitality/Culinary educators is essential as part of the overall development of  hospitality and culinary education in Ireland and ITT can be proud that their lecturers are at the forefront of  Hospitality and Culinary skills development both from a national and international perspective.