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20% of Kerry Technology Park Workforce are IT Tralee Graduates

Mar 5, 2012

20% of Kerry Technology Park Workforce are IT Tralee Graduates

A new study has revealed that sixty three of the 350 employees at Kerry Technology Park are graduates of the Institute of Technology, Tralee – almost 20% of the workforce. The graduates, mostly from Business Studies and Technology disciplines are playing a key part in the success of some of Ireland’s most dynamic technology companies.

Graduates of the Institute of Technology Tralee who are currently pursuing their careers in Kerry Technology Park were hosted at a dinner organised by Shannon Development and IT Tralee on Tuesday 28th February. The event marks the launch of a Graduate Network which will open up new opportunities for collaboration with ITT alumni, lecturers, staff and Technology Park companies.

Mairead Mullen, FreeFlow, Mary Lucey, IT Tralee, and Luke Prendeville, FreeFlow As the global technology boom continues, Kerry Technology Parks star has continued to rise with locally owned companies like Aspen Ventures, FreeFlow and Altobridge among the companies who regularly recruit new team members from the Institute of Technology, Tralee. The process often starts with a course component of work experience or a work-based project, giving students an opportunity to prove themselves. Students regularly find that they have made themselves indispensible and have created a job for themselves at the conclusion of their engagement with a Park company. according to Dr. Oliver Murphy, President of the Institute of Technology, Tralee. "Being responsive to the needs of industry by producing graduates with relevant skill sets is a key priority for the Institute" he said "We work hard to build close relationships with companies in the Region, and we are very pleased to see that this approach is paying dividends for our students" he added.

Catherine O'Shea, Catherine O'Sullivan, and Louise McMahon of Aspen Ventures A flow of graduates with the right skills is vital to the success to the Park as a whole, according to Marie Lynch, Manager of Kerry Technology Park. "Our role at Kerry Technology Park is to create the best possible environment for companies - a vibrant community that breeds success. We support companies by finding practical solutions to common issues and, despite the prevailing economic situation, finding the right staff is one of the biggest challenges facing technology companies"

However it is not just new graduates that are in demand. There is also strong demand for developers and other professionals with 5 years plus experience and who want to return to their native county.

"Kerry is now a major software development centre with many choices of employers with highly paid positions and we are seeing a trend of locals with international experience coming back for quality of life" according to Ms. Lynch.

Typical of those returning technologists is Ann Jensen, a Listowel native who graduated from the Institute of Technology in 2005 with an MSc in Computing. After graduation Ann moved to Dublin to follow her career, she returned recently to take up a software development position with Aspen Ventures, developing applications in PHP and .NET. "My husband and I dreamed of coming back to Kerry, and because of great opportunities that are now available, I got the opportunity to both continue my career path and raise my family in a place that I love".