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Enda Grennan's Show "Chimaera" advanced interactive dance performance

Nov 2, 2012

Enda Grennan's Show

Congratulations to Enda Grennan, Music Technology Lecturer, Creative Media Department of the Institute of Technology, Tralee whose dance performance "CHIMAERA" was held in the Bell Table Theatre, Limerick, last week. A large number of the music technology students and Lecturing colleagues attended the performance in Limerick.

"CHIMAERA" is an advanced interactive dance performance environment created by Enda Grennan.  Incorporating dance, music and visuals. The composer - Enda - designs an interactive music system, which allows the dancer’s movements to generate and control all of the sonic, as well as the visual dimensions of the work. The music of the piece is produced by tracking the dancer’s bone structure, movements and dance patterns in a limited three-dimensional space with the aid of a Kinect sensor. Tension resonates, as the unbounded gestures of the dancer interact with the confines of the bounded space, producing a fluid sound world that is mutated by the dance, while challenging the dancer to negotiate its possibilities and constraints.

CHIMAERA is supported by the Arts Council, Ireland, under the Dance Project Award 2012.
Software Design and Music Composition was by Enda Grennan. Dancer was Angie Smalis.

Chimaera Group

Phillip Doyle, Enda Grennan, Marty Boylan, Ben Martin
ITT Lecturers from Creative Media Department attending Chimaera at Bell Table Theatre, Limerick