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Department of Creative Media and Computing - Open Day 2012

Nov 16, 2012

Department of Creative Media and Computing - Open Day 2012

Open day on Friday 9th November, 2012 saw over 1,000 potential students visit the Institute.

The Department of Creative Media and Computing provided a very colourful and exciting exhibition of photographs, films, animations, graphics, computer games, electronics, portfolios and projects for students to examine and explore.

Lecturers and current students on all the programmes manned the stands and it was a great opportunity to talk about the courses on offer in the Departments and the large variety of employment opportunities that the programmes have to offer.  It also offered people a chance to meet up with some of their potential future lecturers!  Secondary level teachers, career guidance teachers, students and mature visitors had numerous queries for the lecturers and current ITT students that were all answered on the day.

The Departments also ran a variety of workshops to allow students to get a quick taste of the different programmes on offer:


Scratch Programming Workshop – Visitors got a quick introduction to programming and how easy it is to get things working! Ran by Computing Lecturer Paul Collins and Computing Students.

  Scratch Programming

Radio Production Workshop – Visitors had the opportunity to make a quick radio programme and broadcast it in the college radio station! Ran by Radio and New Media Lecturer Donnacha Twomey and Creative Media Students.


TV Studio Workshop – Visitors had the opportunity to get both in front of the camera to act and behind the camera to shoot a scene in the College’s TV studio! Ran by TV and New Media Lecturer Phillip Doyle and Creative Media Students.

Multimedia Workshop – Visitors had the chance to use some of the multimedia computer applications to create animations and websites in our state-of-art multimedia computer laboratory. Ran by Multimedia and Design Lecturer Ben Martin.


Games Development Workshop – This afforded visitors the opportunity to develop computer games using specialised gaming software.  Ran by First Year Computing Students with mentor Ed Sheldon.

Music Technology Workshop – Visitors had the opportunity to create music electronically in our customised music technology computer laboratory. Ran by Music Technology Lecturer Bob Jackson.

Electronic Music Workshop - This demonstrated the steps involved in the composition of electronic music using surround sound audio equipment. Ran by Music Technology Lecturer – Enda Grennan.




In addition, the Music Technology students led by their lecturer - Susan Motherway - entertained the visiting crowds with a wonderful drumming session and some solo guitar playing. 

Aki O Rourke






Dancer – Aki O Rourke – wowed the visitors with a dance routine.



The Department of Creative Media and Computing looks forward to welcoming a large number of the Open Day visitors as ITT students in the next academic year!



Mary Lucey
Head of Department of Creative Media and Computing

Thanks to Siobhan Murphy and Lisa McElligott Photographers for the Occasion!