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Jun 8, 2012 - Culinary Lecturers from IT Tralee present at Gastronomy Symposium

Culinary Lecturers from IT Tralee present at Gastronomy Symposium

On June 5th and 6th Dublin Institute of Technology held a major gastronomy symposium. The aim was to attract gastronomic and food researchers to discuss and present papers regarding gastronomy: past, present and future.'

The brief allowed for the broadest interpretation of gastronomy and its multidisciplinary aspects from food history, professional cookery practice, societal issues to film, literature and popular culture.

The keynote speakers included Darra Goldstien (Editor in Chief - Gastronimica: Journal of Food and Culture) and Carolin Young (Art and Food Historian). Among the 60 papers that were delivered over the 2 days, 2 papers were from 3 Culinary lecturers of the Hotel, Culinary and Tourism Department - Dan Browne and Maurice J. O'Brien, and Mark K. Murphy.

Dan Browne and Maurice J. O'Brien  presented a research paper on traditional Irish food dishes and there availability to and impact on overseas tourists food experiences in the Kerry region, and Mark K. Murphy presented an overview of his MSc. research thesis (2011) which explored the key issues surrounding the implementation of a culinary tourism strategy for the Dingle Peninsula.

Further information and papers are available @ http://arrow.dit.ie/dgs/