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Industry Needs Creativity (Inc) Scholarship Scheme

Apr 29, 2014

Industry Needs Creativity (Inc) Scholarship Scheme

The Creative Media Department at the Institute of Technology, Tralee has come up with a unique method of supporting post graduate students in this challenging economic time.   Students on the Masters in Creative Media Programme have the unique opportunity to avail of the Industry Needs Creativity (INC) Sponsorship Scheme. 

This Scholarship scheme allows Industries to collaborate with the Institute to engage qualified digital media graduates in the creation of high quality digital media content.  Digital media content ie video, audio, web, music, social media, is vital for the future sustainability and growth of business regionally, nationally and internationally.  This scheme has the potential for industry to recruit cutting edge expertise at a minimal cost.  Graduates will have the potential to act as consultants, designers and digital media developers for the competitive positioning of your products and/or services in the global market place.

The scheme involves an Industry providing financial support to a student to cover the cost of their Masters of Art in Creative Media Programme.  In return, the Masters student will work one Corporate Day a week for the academic year on a designated Industry Project.  This means that Industry will have access to the expert skills and training of the Creative Media Graduate in addition to the suite of multimedia facilities available at the Institute.

The cost of this investment in the future global competitive positioning of your organisation is just €5,000.  The Industry Needs Creativity (Inc) Scholarship scheme allows your organisation to focus on the application of high level creative media skills to the future growth of your business at a minimal cost with the potential of recruiting cutting edge expertise going forward as a partner and/or employee.

For further details or to arrange a meeting to discuss further, please contact Deirdre Boyle, Inc Sponsorship Coordinator at, 066-7191930

Or Mary Lucey, Head of Department Creative Media & Computing,, 066-7191863/087-9338941