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Mentoring Programme Summary

May 7, 2014

Mentoring Programme Summary

In January 2014 two teams of third year Creative Media and Games Development students (on work placement) began a 12 week work placement to develop two  games (titled Aurora and Duality) which will be ready to release/publish at the end of the project. The students are in regular contact with Owen Harris of Bitsmith games based in Dublin. The students visit the offices of Bitsmith on two occasions during the project development stage and Owen Harris will visit ITT Tralee, also on two occasions. Most of the weekly interaction is via skype and email with regular feedback between the mentor and students.

Regular contact between the students, mentor and academic supervisors is maintained via the use of online blogs which document the development of each project

The initiative has been funded by the REAP project.


The aims of the Mentoring Programme is to provide students with access to professional advice on; workflows, project management, professional development and an awareness of current requirements in the Games industry.


The advantages of the Mentoring Programme are that it provides students with valuable access to industry experience and requires limited commitment from industry experts. This real-world experience is essential in order to develop the student’s professional skills. It also provides an opportunity for students to develop their network of professional contacts which ultimately improves their employment prospects once they graduate.