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Aspect, Showcase of ITT Creative Media Graduate and Postgraduate students' final year projects

May 20, 2014

Aspect, Showcase of ITT Creative Media Graduate and Postgraduate students' final year projects

THE Kerry County Museum was a hive of activity last Thursday, 15th May as ITT Creative Media Graduate and Postgraduate students showcased their final year projects to the public. The Exhibition “Aspect” was officially launched at 6.30pm to an audience of over 250 but continued to run through to the 20th May for creative media practitioners, industry representatives and guests to visit.

Mary Lucy - Launch
Ms. Mary Lucy, Head of Department

There was a wide array of creative work on display from interactive pieces, to films, to websites, to audio installations, to excite the senses from the more accessible to the abstract. One such project created by BA  Music Technology Graduates Laurence Counihan, Daniel Daly and Eoin O’Leary centres around the belief that more and more of our power is being given up to technology, so they created a computer system that generates music algorithmically and takes control away from the musician. BA Music Technology Graduates David Williams and Gordon McCauley created an audio piece through the “immersive 5.1 surround sound experience that will take the listener into the mind of a man driven insane”.

Perhaps an easier idea to get your head around is a short film created by BA graduates Michaela McMahon, Hannah McDonnell, Roisin Donnellan about social media. Interactive Multimedia Graduate and Masters graduate Danielle Swanser attracted a lot of attention with her highly visual piece called “In Memoriam”. Again the topic Social Media is approached specifically how it shapes our public persona and how our memories are distorted by the amount of pictures we now take.

There was a steady stream of visitors interacting with the Exhibit every day.  CAO applicants nation-wide travelled to see the exhibits, speak to students and lecturers from the Creative Media Department to get an insight in to studying the wonderful and exciting world of Creative Media.

Aspect Crowd 2

Aspect Crowd

Aspect Coordinating Team