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Kerry Companies Launch Collaborative Recruitment Campaign

Dec 22, 2014

Kerry Companies Launch Collaborative Recruitment Campaign

The county’s leading companies and biggest employers have joined forces in a new collaborative recruitment campaign to run over the Christmas season entitled ‘’Talk to Us’. The campaign aims to target Kerry people working in other parts of the country or abroad to create awareness of the high quality employment options that now exist in Kerry, for those who are interested in considering returning to Kerry.  Multinationals like JRI America Inc, Tralee and Liebherr in Killarney were early supporters of the campaign. Both companies continue to expand and are looking to fill new positions with ambitious, bright and committed people. Other companies signed up for the ‘Talk to Us’ campaign include the Institute of Technology, Tralee, the Tom Crean Business Centre,  FEXCO, RVR Energy Technology Limited, Enercon, and Aspen Grove.

Commenting on the campaign Shane Walsh, Ireland Division Head of JRI America Inc, based at Kerry Technology Park said, “A number of organisations in Kerry, including JRI America, currently have employment opportunities. The upcoming holiday season is an ideal opportunity to connect with those people who currently work and live outside of Kerry - either nationally or abroad - and who may be considering relocation to the County.  The high value jobs available here combined with the quality of life in the county creates an attractive package to entice people to return to Kerry”.

According to Brid McElligott, Vice President - Research, Development and External Engagement at the Institute of Technology, Tralee in some cases people are not currently considering a relocation but may be open to persuasion after their visit home for Christmas.  “For various reasons some of these people may not be aware of the employment opportunities in Kerry, however this is an ideal opportunity to showcase our employment requirement, confirm the fact that ‘Kerry Inc.’ is open for business and there are levels of economic activity happening in the county”.

The county-wide promotional campaign will run from Wednesday December 17th 2014 to Friday January 2nd 2015.  Anyone interested in submitting CVs to the companies should visit The Job Suite at

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