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The Artisan Logistic: from your hands to their home

Jan 13, 2015

The Artisan Logistic: from your hands to their home

The TRADEIT project is hosting an event on Tuesday 27th January for Food Producers who believe in traditional food values and processes yet look to be innovative. One of the key challenges that regional food enterprises face is the distribution and supply chain management. Appropriate channel selection and distribution management are in key determinants in the growth and success of a business.

This evening event will bring together some of Ireland’s most successful Artisan Food Entrepreneurs, from companies such as Gubbeen Farmhouse, Arbutus Bread and Glenilen Farm as well as academics from UCD and UCC. Speakers will explore the challenges and opportunities in running, growing and promoting a tradition based food enterprise in today’s evolving marketplace with examples from their own businesses, best practice and emerging trends. The concept identity development, growth strategies, distribution and logistics will be explored on the night.

The TRADEIT consortium is an assembly of European experts and leaders in technology transfer; innovation management and SME liaison activities; network management and collaboration; traditional food production; Dairy, Meat and Bakery; food safety, packaging and supply chain management; sustainability, social innovation; geographical labelling; and entrepreneurship. Traditional Food SME beneficiaries have key roles in TRADEIT governance, validate technology and knowledge transfer approaches and contribute to development of the Strategic research and innovation agenda. To register for this workshop please email:

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