Booking Required

“A Match Made in Heaven Beer and Food”

Time: 10.00am -11.30pm

Room: Hotel, Culinary Arts and Tourism Building, Room J206

Owen Murtagh and Des McCann from Molson Coors

The workshop will be a fun learning experience designed to give the audience an insight into how to understand various beer styles and an introduction in food and beer paring the Molson Coors process for doing so.

We will bring you through AATMF, the Molson Coors process for understanding the style, flavour and characteristics of a beer. Step by step we will look at A- Appearance, A- Aroma, T- Taste, M-Mouthfeel and F- Finish

We will then bring you through a unique process which has been designed by Molson Coors called Beer- Food Beer

There are 3 steps in the Beer Food Beer process.

  1. Beer - taste the beer and pick out its characteristics - sweet, bitter etc.
  2. Food - identify the key flavours of the food.
  3. Beer - keeping the food on the palate, bring the beer back in and see what happens when the two meet.

Free of charge

To book a place on this workshop please e-mail or call 066 7191805

Places available 30