MTU Kerry Campus prepares students for a diverse range of careers in agriculture through the provision of excellent programme offerings. These are delivered in flexible manner with a practical focus whose content is targeted at the ever-changing needs of industry. MTU Kerry Campus is adding to its agricultural strengths with a number of exciting developments

Professor Joseph Walsh, Head of the School of STEM at MTU Kerry Campus, stated “MTU Kerry Campus has a very proud tradition of Agricultural Engineering Education and Research for over 40 years, we are delighted to be leading these innovative projects working with a wide range of the AgriTech companies nationally. At every stage across the entire agri-food supply chain smart agricultural technologies are used, from the planting of seeds to the harvesting of crops, breeding of livestock and treating disease, transporting goods and managing commercial sales.”

“Agricultural technology is rapidly becoming one of the world’s fastest growing and exciting markets. It is driven by global challenges: a rising population, rapid development of emerging economies with western lifestyle aspirations and growing geopolitical instability around shortages of land, water and energy. These challenges need to be addressed through improvements in yield and efficiency with a reduced environmental impact, including carbon reduction and improved biodiversity. A technology revolution is also taking place. Breakthroughs in nutrition, genetics, informatics, satellite imaging, remote sensing, meteorology, precision farming and low impact agriculture mean smart agricultural technologies has huge potential for development. There exists great employment opportunities for graduates in this exciting area and Ireland is ideally positioned to become a global leader.”


MONDAY, 19th APRIL, 2pm


Discover Ireland’s premier Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality Suite. Funded by Enterprise Ireland, Kerry County Council, as well as industry partners Dairymaster, McHale Engineering and Abbey Machinery.

ACE is a new and exciting approach to AgriTech sectoral learning, development and research. ACE uses immersive learning technologies such as e-learning and virtual reality platforms to deliver excellence in learning and development for the AgriTech sector. Industry-led, ACE works to enhance the capabilities of Ireland's AgriTech companies, enabling them to expand their reach and global ambition. The vision is to position Ireland at the forefront of the international AgriTech industry.

The ACE Suite is a purpose-built virtual and physical collaboration space with endless possibilities which hosts a huge array of the very latest augmented, virtual, and mixed reality platforms, enabling you to think differently whilst working in a unique technology-rich environment.

No matter what your business needs, the ACE Suite, including its support and consultation team, can create a custom-made solution tailored to your needs. This includes presentations and pitches, workshops and ideation, conferences, unique media events and filming locations, product launches, design thinking, and anything else you can imagine.

TUESDAY, 27th APRIL, 11am – 12pm


Ireland’s AgriTech cluster is a coming together of companies, academics, and government to unlock new opportunities and deliver growth to this important sector. This new initiative is part of a national approach led by Enterprise Ireland through the Regional Technology Clustering Fund (RTCF) to support the growth of SMEs across multiple sectors. MTU Kerry Campus is the base for the AgriTech cluster whose goal is to establish, build and maintain a cluster of AgriTech companies from across Ireland to drive AgriTech SME productivity, competitiveness, and internationalisation.

This online event will be held to kick-off AgriTech cluster activities and to encourage involvement in this new initiative to grow the fortunes of Irelands AgriTech SMEs.

THURSDAY, 6th MAY, 4pm


TAgMI is a significant collaboration between Ireland’s leading AgriTech companies, Science Foundation Ireland CONFIRM Centre for Smart Manufacturing and the IMaR Research Centre. TAgMI will research and develop robotics, AI and immersive digital training solutions to advance current AgriTech products and revolutionise their training and service sector. To achieve the above objectives, the TAgMI project will work with the collaborating AgriTech companies to develop robotics and AI solutions to advance current AgriTech product offerings and develop further innovative assistive technologies for their customers. Additionally, the project will focus on digital training and reimagine and redesign the learning experience and revolutionise the sector using cutting-edge immersive Virtual Realty (VR) and Augmented Realty (AR) technologies and customised E-Learning solutions. The project will generate 11 research positions.