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Certificate in Emergency Nursing

NFQ Level:  8
Credits: 20
Award Type: Special Purpose
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Closing Date: Friday 14th May, 2021
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Course Description

The Certificate in Emergency Nursing endeavours to educate and guide emergency nursing practice, a speciality that is underpinned by expert knowledge, specialist education and clinical experience. It is envisaged that the knowledge and skills gained in this programme will prepare the ED nurse for progression onto the Post Grad Diploma in Specialist Nursing (Emergency).

Given the acuity of patients who present to Emergency Departments it is recognised that there is a need to develop additional clinical expertise among emergency nurses. In light of this a consortium of five Institutes of Technology has been commissioned by the Office of the Nursing and Midwifery Services Director (ONMSD) HSE to deliver a Level 8 Special Purpose Award in Emergency Nursing for nurses working in Emergency Departments.

This programme supports the commitment made by ONMSD HSE in association with the National Emergency Medicine Programme, to provide clinical education for nurses working in Emergency Department.


Triage in the Emergency Department

Wound assessment

Identification and assessment of the deteriorating patient

Diabetes – Type 1 and 2

Sepsis – recognition and management


Care of the acutely unwell child, the injured child, the pregnant woman, and unwell patient with ID

Cardiovascular Assessment and Respiratory Assessment

Trauma patient, Major emergency planning

Neurological Assessment and Abdominal Assessment

Overdose and poisoning, Mental Health legislation

Older person, Dementia, Falls, Frailty.


Self discharge and safe transfer of the critically ill patient

Sudden death

Pain management – Acute and Chronic


Stress management and future development needs

Entry Requirements

  • Registered General Nurses.
  • Currently employed in a HSE or HSE funded Emergency Department or Local Injury Unit for the course duration. Priority will be given to HSE and HSE funded acute hospital nursing staff currently employed in ED/LIU.
  • Nurses from non HSE organisations who work in the above listed units are also eligible to participate.


The course will be delivered over 26 weeks using a blended learning approach. Courses will start in January and September each year. Students will attend college for 6 days over the 26 weeks with online work undertaken between college days. A focus of the day in college will be skills development and acquisition. The next programme will commence on September, 2021.


The fee for this Level 8 special purpose award is €950 and will be paid for by the HSE employers.

Progression Opportunities

The Certificate in Emergency Nursing is a Level 8 Special Purpose Award. It is envisaged that nurses who complete this programme will have the requisite knowledge and clinical skills to undertake further studies in emergency nursing.

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