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Computer Systems and Networking

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Systems and Networking a 3 year degree course closely aligned to the needs of industry, training graduates who are industry-ready with the skillset to support, administer and manage ICT systems and networks in a wide range of industry sectors.

All companies rely on computer systems and services to support their business. Most require in-house ICT knowledge and expertise to track customers and products, to develop, analyse and administer web sites, to monitor and maintain their computers and networks, to maintain and update software operating systems and applications and to plan, deploy and monitor computer services while ensuring the security of data and networks.

There are also many large and small computer companies developing and providing software and hardware services and solutions to a variety of sectors, including Financial Services, Food & Agriculture, Telecommunications, Health and Education. There any many roles involved in the development of these services and solutions including testing, updating and deploying the solutions, operating and monitoring software remotely and providing customer support. Students of this course will develop the skills required to support, administer and manage the IT infrastructure in a wide variety of sectors.

The primary focus of this course is on developing technical and practical skills in computing and the provision and maintenance of hardware, software and networks. The first semester of this course is common to all computing courses within the department, covering modules in computer hardware, networks and programming.  Modules that focus on the provision of support and training in an IT environment are introduced from semester 2.

A key component of this course is work placement. This is the focus of semester 4 and provides the opportunity for students to gain relevant, real world experience in a workplace environment.

Graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Computing Systems and Networking (3 year abinitio) are equipped with the skills to obtain a career in a rapidly changing ICT industry and complete this course with the skills and knowledge necessary to obtain a career in the vibrant and dynamic area of computer systems and IT infrastructure provision and support.

This course provides a strong platform on which to base a career in a vibrant and constantly evolving industry. The range and location of industries seeking employees with the skills and expertise developed in this course is local, regional and international. 

The course is designed taking cognisance of the needs of industry and, on completion, students can build on their knowledge to pursue recognised industry certification in a wide range of technologies which may be required to enter and succeed in industry. The focus of the course is to provide industry-ready graduates with the skills and knowledge to source and apply emerging technologies for the efficient provision of IT services

Graduates the Bachelor of Science in Computing Systems and Networking (3 year abinitio) have a strong foundation in widely sought-after technologies such as Cloud, virtualisation and Operating systems administration and are also equipped with the interpersonal skills to thrive in the computer services support industries. Graduates of this course enjoy rewarding careers in the support and provision of ICT services in various sectors such as financial, education, food, agriculture and engineering.

The ICT roles in which graduates of this course find employment include IT Help Desk Coordinator, IT Support Technician, Analyst, Engineer, IT Systems Administrator, Network Support Engineer, Network Systems Administrator, Web Development, Web Administration, ICT Security Analyst, Cloud Support, IT Manager, IT Site Reliability Technician, DevOps Engineer, ICT Infrastructure Support. They have also
carved out successful careers as selfemployed technical contractors.

Graduates of this course are eligible to undertake a 1 year add-on to complete the Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Computer Services Management, where students develop the skills required to take on a management role in IT infrastructure planning and provision


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