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Computer Systems and Networking

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The Higher Certificate in Computer Systems and Networking is a 4-semester course which develops the skillset to gain employment in the provision and support of ICT in a diverse range of industry sectors.

All companies rely on computer systems and services to support their business. Most require in-house ICT knowledge and expertise to track customers and products, to develop, analyse and administer web sites, to monitor and maintain their computers and networks, to maintain and update software operating systems and applications, to plan, deploy and monitor computer services and to secure data and networks.

There are also many large and small computer companies developing and providing software and hardware services and solutions to a variety of sectors, including Financial Services, Food, Agriculture, Telecommunications, Health and Education. There any many roles involved in the development of these services and solutions including testing, updating and deploying the solutions, operating and monitoring software remotely and providing customer support.

This course develops technical and practical computing skills. Upon completion, students have the skillset to work as part of a team in a support capacity in maintaining ICT infrastructure in an organisation. Students also study basic programming, providing a foundation to build on in work or in further study. The first semester of this course is common to all computing courses within the department, covering modules in computer hardware, networks and programming. 

Any organisation that requires ICT systems will have a requirement for ongoing support, service and maintenance. A range of software and computer network systems will also be required and these will also need to be maintained and managed so that users can be confident that the ICT systems will be problem free. In larger organisations information technology support personnel may in some instances be required to maintain sophisticated computer networks and may also be required to assist with the provision of web services, databases and security.

Many students who have completed this course have taken up employment in a technical support capacity and found the course provided a good platform from which to learn on the job and to become more competent.

The two year course provides an introduction to the area of computer systems and networks and helps develop the skills necessary to support users of ICT in enterprise. A Work Placement semester in year two provides students with the opportunity to obtain experience to put what they have learned in the Institute into practice in a real life working situation.

This course equips students with the knowledge and skills required to commence a career in the ICT sector. Modules cover core areas such as computer hardware and operating systems, scripting, databases and networking.  Modules in Work Placement, Professional Development and IT Service support aim to ensure that students are equipped with the interpersonal skills required to thrive in various roles involving the provision of IT support in a broad range of industry sectors.
The Work Placement semester provides an excellent opportunity for the student to achieve an understanding of the issues, challenges and opportunities available in the ICT sector and to establish links with local and regional businesses.

This course is ideally suited to students who enjoy working with people, troubleshooting and resolving IT related problems, and working with and exploring new hardware and software technologies.

The ICT sectors and roles in which graduates of the courses find employment include Computer Sales and Repairs, Customer Support, Database Administration, IT Help Desk Specialist, Coordinator, IT Support Technician, IT Network Support Technician, Network Administrator, Web Development, Web Administration. They have also carved out successful careers as selfemployed technical contractors. Graduates of this course are eligible to undertake the Bachelor of Science in Computer Systems and Networking.


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