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This Pharmaceutical Science course is designed to develop your skill and competence to work as a laboratory scientist. The first year of the course is common to all pharmaceutical science students providing core science modules and fundamental practical skills training. At the end of year 1, when a more informed choice can be made, students will choose to specialise in one of four pharmaceutical science streams and the stream taken will be reflected in the award title. Students have opted for biopharmaceutics in recent years as a result of the exceptional growth in the demand for graduates from this stream.

There is significant commonality across the four streams with one stream specific module per semester for years 2 and 3. The project module and certain practical work will also be stream specific.  The primary focus of the BSc in Pharmaceutical Science is on those areas required by graduates working in any area of pharmaceutical analysis including:

  • biology
  • chemistry;
  • analytical techniques and instrumentation used in research and development laboratories to isolate and identifying substances;
  • pharmaceutical science in industry.

You will also cover:

  • important maths principles;
  • physics concepts;
  • using information technology and  communication;
  • laboratory safety and procedures;
  • maintaining quality;
  • how to undertake a laboratory project;
  • general environmental science.

The department staff have expertise across a broad range of analytical techniques and the department has run analytical science programmes for many years. We emphasise the practical nature of the programme and students have plenty of opportunities to develop important laboratory skills as there is  a substantial laboratory practical component to the programme.

Our graduates have an acknowledged reputation as good laboratory scientists who are equipped with the skills that industry require today.

The Pharmaceutical Science courses are practically based, giving our students the laboratory skills so sought after by the pharmaceutical industry, which remains Ireland’s largest manufacturing sector and continues to go from strength to strength. Our course graduates have an acknowledged reputation as excellent laboratory scientists, well prepared for the challenges of the workplace.

Pharmaceutical Science Graduates take up employment opportunities in laboratory settings across a wide range of sectors, including manufacturing, research and development in the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, cosmetic, forensic and environmental sectors, as well in the food processing and drinks industries. Our graduates work as laboratory analysts and in quality control, quality assurance, environmental monitoring, training, education and production.

Our graduates have found work in anrange of local companies, including Aenova, Astellas, Kerry Group, Southern Scientific and Metpro Ltd.

Many of our graduates have gone further afield to take up positions in world leading pharmaceutical companies in Cork, Dublin, Limerick, Waterford and Galway. We are aware of how the pharmaceutical sector is moving into a new phase with Biopharmaceutics emerging as an area of strong demand for graduates. Our Biopharmaceutics stream is targeted at this exciting sector.


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