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New Student Orientation

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Munster Technological University. 

During New Student Orientation, you will be connected with the MTU staff and student community that will foster new friendships and support you throughout your college career.  Due to the ongoing C19 pandemic restrictions and preventative measures, MTU's new student orientation will be virtual for the incoming class of September 2021 and will be scheduled during the week commencing 20th September 2021.

Circumstances permitting, it is planned that new first year undergraduate student's will commence their programme of study on the week of 27th September 2021. While we will try to maximise onsite delivery, there will be lots of module delivery in virtual or online mode also.

    1. All Students must register using the online registration facility.

      Useful Information
      Simply login using the User ID and PIN supplied in the on-line registration letter. If you are a NON-EU citizen, documentation must be provided with your confirmation of attendance in order to proceed with your registration. For more details on the documents required or for any queries in relation to this please contact the Admissions Office on (066) 7145638.

    2. Students or applicants on programmes that require a work placement or other programme activity that involves the student working with children or vulnerable adults must be vetted for Garda Clearance. Satisfactory Garda Vetting is a mandatory part of completing registration on such programmes. Failure to get satisfactory Garda vetting will result in de-registration. Registration will not be complete until the Institute is in receipt of satisfactory Garda Vetting. For more information on Garda Vetting and to determine if your programme requires it.

    3. If your course requires it, you have submitted to the Admissions office - the programmes medical fitness form (see your orientation schedule which details all individual course requirements)

    4. You have read and agreed to abide by all the rules and regulations pertaining to the Institute’s Students’ Rights and Responsibilities.

    5. You know the date, time and venue of your orientation schedule .

    6. If you have been awarded a SUSI grant - please submit the approval notice to If you are not eligible for SUSI (in full or part) grant, you have paid your tuition fees and/or Student Contribution Charge or agreed a payment plan. For more information can be found by visiting Grants & Finance.

    7. If you have already attended a 3rd level course/college before now, you have submitted the detailed documents to the Admissions Office at IT Tralee.
  • Minimising the risk of introduction of COVID-19 onto campus and the spread of the virus, is a responsibility we all share and requires a shared commitment from each of us as we modify the way we live, learn, and work together.

    We must all do our part to take care of ourselves and one another — remaining flexible in constantly changing circumstances, adopting new norms, and adhering to public health requirements that will minimise the risks of COVID-19 and protect all of us.

    As part of registration, you are required to agree to student Rights and Responsibilities which are extended to cover COVID-19 related information.  In particular, you must not attend onsite institute activities if you are experiencing symptoms that could be associated with COVID-19 infection, if you have been in close contact with an individual known to be infected with COVID-19 or if you have travelled internationally within the previous 14 days.


    Please note that in accordance with Public Health Guidelines and until further notice:

    • Students and other members of the Institute community are required to wear a facemask, covering or visor when entering, circulating within and using campus buildings;
    • You should maintain a distance of 2 meters from the nearest person/people;
    • Several Hand Sanitisers/hand basins are installed and prominent on corridor walls.  Hand washing is an important action to limit the spread of COVID19;
    • It is recommended that you download and use the free HSE Contact Tracing App and keep a personal record of classes attended and contacts daily;

    Important Covid 19 updates

  • Bus Timetable for AY 2021/2022

    MTU Kerry Campus bus schedule to and from University, including bus stops. This bus schedule will re-commence on 27th September 2021. The KSA evening bus schedule will re-commence from 4th October 2021, details will be updated in due course.

  • It is important that you familiarise yourself with the type of services available within the Institute, what to do if you find yourself in difficulty and how to make contact with people who can help you.

    Students will be able to use and access Support Services, Admissions and Exams services, albeit with some restrictions associated with COVID-19.

    To avail of a service and before going on campus to use a service, please refer directly to the website associated with that service to familiarise yourself with the appointment and access options.  You may be required to schedule an appointment for a face-to-face meeting or avail of the services online or by phone.

  • It is also important to get involved  and enjoy yourself during your time in MTU Kerry Campus whether that be through Sports, Societies or the Students Union.  The MTU Kerry Campus also runs an F.Y.I  four week programme, which begins with Welcome Week. Each week will have a themed schedule of activities to support incoming First Year Students in their personal, social and academic transition to third level at MTU. For more details on FYI keep an eye on campus or ask in the students union.


    All new students receive a student card.  To generate the photo id for the card, please follow the HOW TO UPLOAD YOUR IMAGE FOR YOUR STUDENT CARD .

    Cards will be distributed in class when you commence on the programme.  You must carry your Student Card at all times and swipe in on every visit to any of the college buildings and timetabled classes. You also need it to use the library, computer labs, canteen, photocopying or printing, etc.  The t-number on your card (eg T00123456) is your username for any college network service such as logging into computers, logging into our e-learning tool Blackboard, logging into email (you will get a student email address) and lots more IT related network services.


    You will also receive your computer network password on your first day of class.  You will use your network password together with your username (student tnumber on your student card) to gain access to email.

    1. Go to ITT Website:
    2. Select ‘Current Students’
    3. Select ‘Email’
    4. Type in your t-number (use your Tcard e.g. T00123456) then your password (issued at registration)
    5. Or alternatively go to:



  • Our learning environment will be a mix of onsite classes, tutorials and labs with online delivery of some modules.  

    You can expect:

    • Learning in small groups is more likely to take place on campus;
    • Students will attend onsite for classes within assigned group.
    • Alternative to scheduled onsite blocks, learning in large groups will be through online delivery - live lectures, recorded lectures or blended delivery;
    • Any lab or clinical scheduled classes will be delivered face-to-face, with physical distancing and use of PPE as necessary;
    • Admission to the Library is through library reservations;

    Learning elements available in our elearning tool – Blackboard - while you can take some learning elements at your own convenience, we recommend that you set aside time each day to review and study the material as it becomes available rather than waiting for tasks to build up.  This is particularly important in the preparation of assignments for submission or study for assessments.


    Introduction to Blackboard -

    Introduction to Collaborate -


    As part of the package of COVID supports for higher and further education institutions, the Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science has allocated funding to support disadvantaged students in the higher education sector in accessing ICT devices.

    Under this scheme, undergraduate or postgraduate students may be eligible to receive a laptop, on long-term loan, in order to assist with online learning.

    The ICT Government Laptop scheme is available to you this academic year if you need to borrow a laptop for your studies and meet the eligibility criteria. This scheme is open to new and continuing students.


    To be eligible for a laptop you must be:

    • registered as a full or part-time student in 2021-22
    • and be from a low-income household, with an annual reckonable income not exceeding €49,840* Gross. (*Reckonable income of up to €54,765 in households with between 4 - 7 dependent children OR Reckonable income of up to €59,455 in households of 8 or more dependent children)
    • must be a first time new entrant to higher education.


    Eligibility will be on a needs basis, prioritised as appropriate by MTU Kerry Campus. In all cases, MTU Kerry Campus must be satisfied that a student who receives a device under this grant has demonstrated a verifiable need for such a device e.g. they are from one of the identified target groups and they or their family do not have the means to purchase such a device themselves.

    International, non-EU fee-paying students would not be considered eligible for support under this Grant.


    For the academic year 21/22, MTU Kerry Campus will have a limited number of laptop units available to loan to eligible students whether they are on campus or studying from home.

    Allocation of devices will be based on the target groups identified in the National Plan for Equity of Access to Higher Education 2015-2021 (and the forthcoming National Access Strategy that will come into effect in 2022):

    • Students disadvantaged by socio-economic barriers
    • First-time mature students
    • Students with disabilities
    • Part-time/flexible learning
    • Students who hold further education qualifications
    • Students who are members of the Traveller and Roma communities
    • Students who are lone parents
    • Students who are members of ethnic minorities.


    There may be more applicants than devices and there is no guarantee that you will be successful, even if you meet the criteria. All applicants must provide evidence of socio-economic disadvantage.


    To apply you will need to fulfil one of the options below:

    • Provide a full and complete copy of SUSI award letter for the current academic year OR
    • Confirm that you are a current HEAR student in MTU Kerry Campus OR
    • Confirm that you received funding from the MTU Kerry Campus Student Assistance Fund in 2020/21 or in Semester 1 of 2021/22 OR
    • Evidence that you and/or your parents/spouse/partner were in receipt of a means-tested DSP payment by providing a full Department of  Social Protection (DSP) statement of payments for you/your household for the year ending 31st December 2020.

    If you do not meet any of the categories above; you should apply for the Student Assistance Fund (SAF) in the first instance. The SAF application process will open on 18th January 2022 and will close on 7th February 2022, applications for SAF can be made on Self Service Banner


    The devices will remain the property of MTU Kerry Campus and will be distributed to eligible students by means of an appropriate lending scheme for the full duration of the students programme of study. Devices must be returned if the student defers/withdraws/completes/pauses their programme of study.


    Please click on the following link to apply:


  • Class timetables will be available after student registration and can be accessed by logging into using your student t-number and password.

    PLEASE NOTE: Class timetables are subject to change and should be checked regularly.