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LinkedIn is a professional networking site through which employers are actively recruiting. There are tutorials ant tools to assist you in creating your profile, joining groups, searching for industry links, researching organisations, preparing for interview and building up links in your sector. On-line tutorials are available at LinkedIn Digital Resource

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 CVs - top tips

  • Spell check your CV
  • It should be no longer than two pages - many employers only read the first page
  • Begin with a careers profile or objective, outlining the role you seek and what you can offer the employer
  • It should consist of bullet points (as employers do not read paragraphs)
  • The Education Section should begin with your most recent qualification first
  • The CV should sell you and your skills to an employer

Steps in creating a CV

1. Conduct a Self-Assessment

  • Identify the skills you have & compile a skills sheet detailing what you have on offer

2. Complete a Skills Sheet

3. Read the section on  How employers shortlist CVs

4. Your CV should be your own, personal, and a little bit different.

5. Customise your CV for the job you are applying for - make sure you have a full job description.

6. Use formal Language

7. Generally employers seek

  • Ability
  • Motivation
  • Adaptability

8. Throughout you CV and letter of application use Positive Action Words

 Sample CVs


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To demonstrate your work (particularly designers, web-developers etc) you should consider creating an e-portfolio. It will also be essential to build a community around you and promote your portfolio to relevant individuals and groups. For more details please visit the section on e-portfolios