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Munster Technological University Kerry Campus - International Office

International Medical and Pharmacy Commencement Programmes (IMCP)

    TOP QUALITY UNIVERSITY LEVEL EDUCATION:Ireland’s education system ranks in the top ten in the world with well-respected internationally recognised qualifi cations. Ireland, along with the UK, France, Germany and the other EU countries is part of the Bologna process which ensures mutual recognition of qualifi cations across Europe and the world. The Irish National Framework of Qualifi cations system is fully compatible with the ENIC-NARIC (European Network of Information Centres/National Academic Recognition Information Centres), which further facilitates the recognition of academic qualifi cations throughout Europe and internationally in countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.Many IT Tralee degrees are recognised by relevant independent professional bodies where applicable for example ACCA (accounting), Chartered Accountants, and Engineers Ireland in their respective fi elds

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    International Office
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