Career Paths - Business


Internships, Graduate Programmes and Postgraduate Study

Business students are eligible to apply for Graduate Programmes. They also Specialise or Convert in speific areas through Postgraduate Study. For example graduates pursue careers in Teaching or Human Resources .

BBS (Accountancy) students also receive exemptions from the Taxation Institute exams. Please see page 15 of link below (IT Tralee level 8 students are in group 3):

Part 1 Income Tax Fundamentals and Capital Gains Tax Fundamentals are delivered in Dublin, but will be available on-line.

Part 2 are delivered at the moment in UCC and MI (Limerick).


There are four Accountancy Institutes in Ireland which offer our graduates exemptions towards further study.  There is additional information on how to Specialise or Convert in speific areas through Postgraduate Study.Information is also available on Other Occupations for Accountancy Graduates .   Visit the following link for reflection on AccountancyGraduateSkills


Graduates progress to middle management levels in industrial, commercial and public sector organisations. For example some recent graduates are currently employed in: Advertising research, Account management, Personal selling, Sales administration, Export marketing, Marketing research and Retail management. There is additional information available at Business Links and Marketing Links



Career opportunities for graduates are varied. The range of employment opportunities include areas such as accounting/finance, sales/marketing, financial services, business information systems, retail/operations/logistics/general management functions. Details are available on Areas of specialisation for Management Graduates .