Virtual Careers Fair

A Careers Fair is a great opportunity to engage with employers and network, developing your knowledge of the different companies and opportunities available. Here you can make key connections that will help you in your job search strategy in the coming weeks, months and even years ahead. 

At a Virtual career fairs jobseekers/students meet with employers and discuss employment opportunities. The only difference between this and a traditional career fair is that it’s held virtually on an interactive platform.

You can choose to join various rooms/company profile within the virtual career fair. Each room holds a different employer participating in the career fair. When you enter a room, the employer receives a notification. A representative from the employer will greet you via a chat function.

Others already in the virtual room may be in the midst of a conversation and you are welcome to join in. You can also opt to chat privately with an employer, where you may ask about open positions, details about the organization and your qualifications.

There is also the option to conduct a one to one video interview or video chat face to face, so be prepared.

Resources at hand - It’s easy to keep prep material and notes near at hand since you are attending from home with your laptop or on your phone.

Convenient - no travel time or expense and you can be targeted and efficient in your interactions.

Efficient & Targeted - to optimise the value of your networking, you can seek out specific companies and opportunities by researching who you want to talk to beforehand.

Less Stress - Connecting with people online removes a lot of the stress. You can plan what you want to say without stumbling over your words.