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Full or Part-time Research Postgraduate Programmes

Graduates can pursue a Masters or Ph.D. qualification through postgraduate research programmes on a full-time or part-time mode.  

Subject areas available for a postgraduate research Degree are usually determined by the current research activities of the particular School or Department.  If you are interested in pursuing further study, please contact one of the following for further information:

Head Of School Business, Computing & Humanities, Kerry Campus:
Ms. Mary Rose Stafford
Tel: +353 (0)66 7191664 Ext: 1664

Head of Business; Hotel, Culinary Arts & Tourism, Kerry Campus:
Mr. Raymond O Connor Desmond
Email: (email)
Tel: +353 (0)66 7191826 Ext: 1826

Head of Computing; Creative Media & Information Technology - Kerry Campus:
Mr. Paul Collins
Email: (email)
Tel: +353 (0)66 7191876 Ext: 1876

Senior Head Of Section Hotel Cullinary, Tourism - Kerry Campus:
Mr. Thomas O Connor
Email: (email)
Tel: +353 (0)66 7191807 Ext: 1807


Head Of School Of Health Social Science Kerry Campus:
Dr. Seamus O Shea
Email: (email)
Tel: +353 (0)66 7191654 Ext: 1654

Head Of Department Social Sciences Kerry Campus:
Dr. Aisling Sharkey
Email: (email)
Tel: +353 (0)66 7191662 Ext: 1662

Head Of Department Nursing:
Dr. Gerardina Harnett
Email: (email)
Tel: +353 (0)66 7191961 Ext: 1961

Head Of Department Health, Leisure - Kerry:
Dr. Michael Hall
Email: (email)
Room(s): W209
Tel: +353 (0)66 7144168 Ext: 4168


Head Of School Of Science, Eng, Tech, Maths Kerry Campus:
Dr. Eilish Broderick
Email: (email)
Tel: +353 (0)66 7145631 Ext: 5631

Head Of Department Technology Engineering, Maths:
Mr. Seamus Murphy
Email: (email)
Room(s): C226
Tel: +353 (0)66 7144197 Ext: 4197

Head Of Department International Medical Commencement:
Ms. Fiona O Flynn
Email: (email)
Room(s): C201
Tel: +353 (0)66 7191972 Ext: 1972

Head Of Department Ikc3 Ctr. For Carbon, C & C Action:
Dr. Helena Mc Mahon
Email: (email)
Room(s): R101 - External Services Manager
Tel: +353 (0)66 7144160 Ext: 4160

Head Of Department Biological, Pharamaceutical Sciences:
Dr. Gerard Corkery
Email: (email)
Room(s): C222
Tel: +353 (0)66 7145610 Ext: 5610

Head Of Department Reedi Rethinking Eng.:
Dr. Fiona Boyle
Email: (email)
Room(s): C220
Tel: +353 (0)66 7145695 Ext: 5695

A post-graduate is a graduate with an Honours Degree (minimum 2.2.), who wishes to undertake further study to Masters or Ph.D(Doctorate) level.