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What is RPL?

RPL is the recognition of a learner’s prior achievement of learning outcomes, whether by means of formal, non-formal, or informal learning. Academic credit can be awarded only for achievement of learning outcomes, not for experience per se. You can apply for RPL in relation to any MTU programme or module. Programmes which are accredited by professional bodies or any external awarding bodies may have their own procedures for RPL which you should discuss with relevant department you are applying to at MTU.

There are four access routes that RPL enables: Access, Advanced Entry, Exemptions and Credits and Full Award

The best explanation of Recognition of Prior Learning and its’ advantages are the accounts of MTU students and graduates who have been successful in their RPL application during their MTU journey.

Further information on RPL and Higher Education.


There are four access routes that RPL enables:

The best advertisement for the Recognition of Prior Learning is the accounts of our own graduates who have used it to help them succeed in college and in their careers and businesses.

Access to a programme, if standard entry requirements are not met.

Advanced academic standing for entry to a programme beyond year 1.

Exemptions/credit for a module or a number of modules.

A full academic award.


How to apply for RPL

Applications for RPL are dealt with on an individual basis. Check individual department website page to identify if they have a specific RPL application method if not follow application process below.

Application process

1. Contact the department you plan to apply for RPL with

2. Meet with the department to present your case orally and they will advise you to precede or not.

3. If you are advised to precede begin working with MTU RPL Mentor to complete your RPL portfolio.

For further details contact

Read through our courses

Contact relevant Head of Department

Application process

National Academic Recognition Information Centre (Naric)