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Biological and Environmental Science is all about investigating living organisms and the environments they inhabit. This course gives you some understanding of the basic fabric of our planet through the study of chemistry, physics and earth sciences. Graduates gain the knowledge and skills to work as field science technicians in the area of wildlife biology.

The course is delivered through an exciting mix of theory, laboratory practice and field activities. Each week brings you to a new study site, where you spend a full day of field science activity.

In first year, you are given a foundation in biology, and this is built on in second year with modules in botany, zoology and microbiology. Ecology is also introduced in second year of the course. There are also modules in environmental science, scientific communication and geographical information systems (GIS). A module in Irish wildlife provides an insight into the major groups that make up our native wildlife, giving you a strong base on which to build deeper and more focused study later.

This Biological and Environmental  science course is unique to the Institute. It was developed by the department as Tralee is in an ideal location to deliver such a field science course. The course structure is designed to provide the student with an attractive and useful mix of biological and environmental studies skills.

The Biological and Environmental course involves study visits to a variety of wildlife habitats and Special Areas of Conservation and environmental management facilities such as water treatment, waste water treatment and wind farms.

Biological and Environmental course Graduates’ range of skills are in constant demand in the workplace. They tend to find work in the range of agencies involved in the management and protection of the environment and natural resources.


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